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About Us

BYOB = “Bring Your Own Baby”

About Us
Melissa “Missy” Paris and Anja Pierre are two certified personal trainers and new mothers living and working in New York City. Both women realized during their pregnancies how STRENGTH TRAINING combined with optimal NUTRITION greatly helped them to prepare for the ultimate task ahead: to birth their babies safely and to consequently become healthy, happy, strong MOTHERS.

Shortly after they had their babies, they would casually meet up for walks (and talks) with their new babies, and pretty soon they realized how invigorating it was to combine these walks with strength exercises while wearing their babies and exchanging “new mom stories”. Onlooking mothers would stop and ask them if they could join in, and pretty soon the “BYOBfit” classes were born.

What participants enjoy most about these baby-wearing classes is that there is no need to hire a sitter when they feel like working out, there’s no missing out on bonding time with their new babies, and they get a chance to bond and share stories with like-minded moms.

Missy and Anja’s mission is to share their fantastic experiences and their fitness expertise with all of you new moms and dads out there! Along with their expert fitness tips and tricks and their bootcamp style classes, they will also provide you with helpful advice regarding nutrition and baby’s safety.

Join Missy and Anja in their mission to bring strength, fitness, health and happiness back into motherhood! A strong body houses a strong mind! You deserve it. Your partner deserves it. Your baby deserves it!


Anja Pierre

Anja Pierre was born and raised in Austria, where she discovered her love for competitive sports and physical activity at a very young age. She started training on a gymnastics team at the tender age of five, and she successfully trained with her team until she graduated from high school at the age of 18.

After living and working as a trainer in Los Angeles, CA, In January 2011 Anja moved to New York, where she first worked at Crunch as an “Elite Personal Trainer”. During this time, she also trained and prepared for NPC Bodybuilding competitions (bikini class).

As of summer 2013, she has made her personal training business completely private, and she is now training clients in different boutique training facilities in Manhattan.

Anja is the co-founder and co-owner of “BYOBfit” (“Bring Your Own Baby”), which are unique and wildly popular “parent and baby” fitness classes held all throughout the NYC area.




Melissa Paris

Melissa Paris’s passion for health and fitness began at a very young age with a competitive attitude and a thirst for anything that challenged her physically. Her fascination with the vital connection between emotional health and the physical body led her to obtain a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Montclair State University.

Melissa continued her work in clinical nutrition at Morristown Memorial hospital as a dietetic aide, counseling patients on their diets and meal plans. She also worked as a personal training at Fitness Together in between classes and rounds at the hospital. During this time, Melissa discovered that the biggest factors in achieving healthy results are the combination of essential nutrition and solid fitness program.

For most of Melissa’s life, her mom struggled with breast cancer, diabetes, and other health complications. After losing her mom, June, to liver cancer in 2008 Melissa made it her mission to dedicate her life to inspiring people to be fit in mind, body and spirit.

Melissa’s background in anatomy, physiology, organic chemistry and medical nutrition provides her with the tools to help anyone at any age master their fitness and wellness goals.

Melissa has competed in many of the bikini divisions of the National Physique Committee. In order to achieve her optimal physical goals for the competition, she went against the grain of traditional dieting, i.e., whey protein powders, fat burners, carb-cutting, etc. She incorporated techniques from her unique and healthy lifestyle: an all-natural, organic approach to the nutrition regimen.

Melissa challenges herself and others to recognized that there is another way – a healthier way – to reach their maximum potential. She works with clients on an individual basis and trains throughout NYC.

Melissa is the co-founder and co-owner of “BYOBfit” (“Bring Your Own Baby”), which are unique and wildly popular “parent and baby” fitness classes held all throughout the NYC area.